19 thoughts on “Where in the world is Abigail Bosanko?

  1. I haven’t read her, but now I’m curious…more about where she has gone than the books themselves! Have you written to her publisher? They should know…

  2. You read so many novels, you put me to shame. I’m glad you enjoyed mine. Thank you for the favourable mention on your blog. I am still writing. Honest! Abigail Bosanko

    • Hi Abigail! I am so glad to hear that you are still writing. 🙂 Please please please when can we expect a lovely new novel from you? Every time I am in Edinburgh I think about your novels. 🙂

      • I just got stuck – for ages, but I really am writing happily again now thanks, and there is a novel in progress. I don’t know when you might be able to read it, though.

      • I know what you mean about being stuck. I went through that too…had a novel completely stall because of writer’s block and feeling frustrated by critique comments. I’ve decided to finish that book. It’s one of my upcoming projects.

  3. Im so happy i found this! I also loved Abigail’s two books, have indeed begun playing chess more since re-reading lazy ways to make a living. Ever hopeful. Its the perfect escapism, also living in Glasgow its nice when novels are set near by (ish).

    I hope the writing goes well, would love to read another one.

  4. Delighted to hear Abigail Bosanko is still writing! Lazy Ways to Make a Living is one of my all-time favourite books. It’s intelligent, sexy and witty. I must have re-read in a dozen times. Anyone I’ve lent it too has loved it as well. I hope her next book gets published-it would be a shame to lose a unique voice like hers.

  5. Kimtalksbooks, well done on getting an update on Abigail Bosanko. I loved the wry wittiness of lazy ways to make a living and so I’m really glad to know that you are still writing Abigail, best of luck getting published. It might be worth considering an e-book? If it sold, it could persuade a publisher to do a print run?

    Best wishes

  6. Just finished reading Lazy ways … and I am just stunned!
    What a book! What smartness! Lovely connection between real life actions, illogical reactions and random and relevant references to literature, language, science and chess!
    I wish I could have written it. But I didn’t. I never even tried. At least I understood it.
    Please, Abigail, write me another!

  7. Very odd experience finding this post, as I had just started loading my new kindle thinking “I wonder if Abigail Bosanko’s next book is out?”. I do hope to read the next one soon!

  8. Dear Kim, I really love your kind blog post. It warms the cockles of my heart and keeps the small flame of my writing hopes alive, and if I weren’t plagued by a tendency to cliché-ridden phrases (note above) I would have finished over-editing and re-re-wriitng my book by now. But, if it’s okay with you, I’ll link to this page on Twitter? (Since 140 chrs is my preferred wordcount these days)
    Very best wishes, Abigail

  9. Thanks Kim for tracking Abigail down! I am an Aussie who stumbled across Lazy Ways a few years ago when travelling in the UK, and couldn’t get the novel out of my head for years. Had to search high and low for another copy. Won’t ever let it out of my sight again 😉 Abigail, am looking forward to reading many more adventures! Oh, and thank you for introducing me to Jane Eyre.

    • I hope Abigail will publish something soon too! 🙂 Her books are among my faves and I keep telling everyone they should read her novels. 🙂 Abigail: if you’re reading this–no pressure–but we miss your writing! 😀

  10. I LOVED Abigail’s books, I too have been waiting for a new one. I read Lazy Ways to make a Living when I got it free in a magazine years ago and enjoyed it so much that I felt guilty I got it free and actually went and bought a copy. It’s my favourite book and I read it quite often, so I like that i have multiple copies of it. I love everything about it. Please write more!

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