You Must Read This Book…Or Else…

Usually I avoid anything pink like the plague. Why? Awful memories of that pink monstrosity of a prom dress my mother coerced me into buying against my better judgment. I looked like a sausage in it but everyone tried to convince me I looked pretty. Bleh. Never again, I thought. Then I received a message on Facebook from Karen Siplin, recommending I read 32 Candles. I checked it out on Amazon and thought, Uh-oh, pink cover. But I knew Karen wouldn’t recommend something to me if she didn’t think I’d like it so I ordered it and now all I can say is that I am absolutely jealous that I didn’t write this book. If you read my first post, then you know 32 Candles is one of the books I wish I’d written. If you never listen another thing I say, just take this piece of advice: Read 32 Candles or else…

Or else what? Well, you’ll miss out on one of the best books I’ve read all summer. So what’s it about? Davidia Jones is our awesome heroine. Growing up, she suffers the taunts of classmates and her abusive mother and longs for the Molly Ringwald ending that all of us who were teenagers in the 1980s secretly coveted. The one bright spot in her life is her crush on high school heart throb, James Farrell. But when Davidia reaches her limit, she takes off for LA and reinvents herself. Just when Davidia’s got it all together, who walks back into her life…? None other than her version of Jake Ryan (from Sixteen Candles), James Farrell.

Now don’t let my classifying this as rom-com dissuade you from reading 32 Candles. This book is not fluff. It deals with a lot of hard-hitting issues that most chick lit books shy away from. And Davidia Jones is such an awesome character–so scrappy, so resilient, so flawed and yet so cool–you’ll want to hang out with her and have a beer while she fills you in on what she did next.

So do me a favor? Go out and buy this book–even if you’re a guy, you’ll like it–trust me. And if your local bookstore has tucked it into the African-American Interests section just because the author is black, then do what I always do–take all of the copies and put them front and center in the Fiction section. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, you will empathize with Davidia even when she frustrates you.

And if you’re like me and you had a crush on Michael Schoeffling (yes, he was Jake Ryan in the film–the boy who “ruined” us all) thanks to Sixteen Candles, then you won’t want to miss 32 Candles

2 thoughts on “You Must Read This Book…Or Else…

  1. Kim,
    I may not read the book, but I enjoyed your review. It annoys me much that the book store person has to know the color, or ethnicity or something of the author in order to classify it in her/his undeveloped mind.

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