Nick Alexander, you are brilliant!

ImageThose of you who follow this blog know that I stumbled onto Nick Alexander‘s books thanks to a tweet. Yes, Twitter actually introduced me to new books and I will never regret following the link that led me to Nick. His books are amazing. And now Other Halves, the sequel to The Half-Life of Hannah, is available. I started reading it today and I adore it already! I will post a full review soon, but all I can say is that Nick never disappoints. :D

So what is the plot? Now that Hannah has discovered the truth and fielded through the lies her ex-husband told her, she faces embarking on a new life in Australia with James. But can she do it without losing the love of her son? Intrigued? You should be. :)

I am about halfway through the book and I am hooked. Nick, you rock!

I should be done reading Other Halves in a couple of days and then I’ll post a proper review. Until then, rest assured, you should read The Half-Life of Hannah and then read Other Halves. You won’t be disappointed. :)

About Kim Talks Books

I'm a bookloving American who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm also someone who loves to write. I'm the author of Snowbound, Maybe Baby and Maybe Tonight. And now I'm working on two more novels set in the Maybe Baby world. I like chick lit, literary fiction, psychological and supernatural thrillers.
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5 Responses to Nick Alexander, you are brilliant!

  1. Claire Duffy says:

    Perfect timing – my lovely parents normally give me an Amazon voucher for Christmas and I’m just making my list for going mad on it on Boxing Day… thanks!

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  3. ouremuk66 says:

    I totally agree Kim! I found Nick’s books while browsing on Amazon and I am a dedicated fan. I finished Other Halves yesterday and it was just fab. But I want more!

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