Just a quick shout out for Harlem Is Nowhere

I was browsing Barnes & Noble’s review pages and stumbled across a great review of Harlem is Nowhere by Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts. Now I have decided to add it to my list of books I need to read this spring.

Harlem Is Nowhere, which takes its name from a Ralph Ellison essay, is a collection of essays by Rhodes-Pitts that examines the myth and history of Harlem as well as its  importance to the cultural and historical fiber of Black America.

And since I’ve made a vow to be a better reader this year and I usually never read nonfiction, I figure this sounds like just the sort of book to get lost in for a while. Check out the review. It’s definitely got me intrigued. I’m going to order Harlem Is Nowhere before I log out tonight.


About Kim Talks Books

I'm a bookloving American who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm also someone who loves to write. I am working on a novel that's taking me longer to finish than I'd planned. I like chick lit, literary fiction, psychological and supernatural thrillers.
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