Just a quick shout out for Harlem Is Nowhere

I was browsing Barnes & Noble’s review pages and stumbled across a great review of Harlem is Nowhere by Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts. Now I have decided to add it to my list of books I need to read this spring.

Harlem Is Nowhere, which takes its name from a Ralph Ellison essay, is a collection of essays by Rhodes-Pitts that examines the myth and history of Harlem as well as its  importance to the cultural and historical fiber of Black America.

And since I’ve made a vow to be a better reader this year and I usually never read nonfiction, I figure this sounds like just the sort of book to get lost in for a while. Check out the review. It’s definitely got me intrigued. I’m going to order Harlem Is Nowhere before I log out tonight.


About Kim Talks Books

I'm a bookloving American who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm also someone who loves to write. I'm the author of Snowbound, Maybe Baby and Maybe Tonight. And now I'm working on two more novels set in the Maybe Baby world. I like chick lit, literary fiction, psychological and supernatural thrillers.
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